if you don’t feel bad for frances conroy’s character every year, you’re wrong

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Anonymous asked: Do you know where I could find any of her solo albums on vinyl online? I didn't have much luck on amazon and all I've got is Rumours.

amazon is where i’ve actually got all my chris albums i believe. 90% of the time i buy used, i don’t know why. it’s usually cheaper and i love imagining who initially bought the record. but if you live in a good city or something just try used record stores maybe? i live in a tiny shitty town so i have to get everything online

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Anonymous asked: Honestly I am very very new to the fandom and I haven't even listened to that album yet, just the other two. But I am now and oh my god you're right it's amazing.

heck yeah! it’s my fave! i love everything chris does but i’ve been obsessed with the christine perfect album since grade school #britainsfinest

i got it for like $25 on vinyl and it was the best ting i ever bought

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Anonymous asked: And what about Christine's solo work.. what's your favorite there?

ooh her christine perfect album is literally.. perfect. i probably have listened to that album at least two or three times a week for like- five years? wow. my favourite song is probably “for you”. that album is christine at her grooviest and i love her best when she’s groovy. 

shit i think i’m going to listen to that album on my way to the store. thank u. 

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